Chen Shui Hua Yuan (TV Series 2021 – 2022)

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Jun Gong and Xin Qiao in Chen Shui Hua Yuan (2021)

  • Stars
    • Jun Gong
    • Chao Jing
    • Xin Qiao
  • Storyline

    Xiao Xiao, the blogger of the self-media emotional public account, and Lin Shen, a professional psychological counselor, had a grievance in a love variety show because of their differences in concepts. By coincidence, Xiao Xiao applied to become Lin Shen's assistant. She hopes to enhance the emotional analysis expertise of her official account by learning professional psychology knowledge. In working and living together, the two solved a number of psychological cases and also solved the crises that lay around them, such as fan delusions in love, online leverage, emotional attachment damage, and so on. The closer their hearts were to each other. Xiao Xiao's enthusiasm and vitality have infected Lin Shen, who has a cold personality, and Lin Shen taught Xiao Xiao how to become an excellent professional psychological counselor. But the crisis ambushing them gradually emerged. After the two experienced conflicts and crises, they finally discovered that love is actually a kind of hypnosis, making each other a better self. 〞Anonymous
    • Genres
      • Drama
      • Romance
      • Thriller
    • Parents guide


    • Release date
      • December 13, 2021 (China)
    • Country of origin
      • China
    • Language
      • Chinese
    • Also known as
      • 麥阯豪埶
    • Production company
      • Mango Entertainment

    Technical specs

    • Runtime
      1 hour 10 minutes
    • Color
      • Color

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