A Japanese Love Story (Short 1911)

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  • Genres
    • Short
    • Drama
  • Parents guide
  • Storyline

    Lieutenant Mordaunt and his little sweetheart, Yum Yum, has many pleasant hours in the land of the Rising Sun. So winning are the ways of the little Japanese maiden, that Jack Tar falls very, very deeply in love with her. When love enters all else is forgotten, and thus, when the time for the departure of the fleet arrives, the lieutenant awakens to find that it was all a dream, and that it is now time to be up and doing and leave his little sweetheart behind him. The fleet returns to port, and Mordaunt goes home to his people. Staying at the house are three of his cousins, who greet him boisterously, for being female cousins, they look forward to jolly times with the breezy sailor. Mordaunt's thoughts still turn to the land of the Rising Sun and to his little sweetheart far across the ocean. To their great disappointment, the cousins find a great change in their once cheerful playmate. In place of the breezy sailor man is a poor love-sick swain, who can do naught else but sigh the hours away. The girls find the source of the trouble in the shape of a half-finished letter to Japan, and they decide to have some fun. Arraying themselves in Japanese clothes, they annoy their cousin considerably by appearing before him in the garb he loves so well, only to disappear again into a thicket or behind a tree. Finally, the tormentors are surprised to see their big, manly cousin burst into tears. From that moment Mordaunt becomes more and more melancholy, and in fact, his parents begin to entertain grave fears as to his health. Meanwhile the little Japanese girl beyond the seas has not remained idle. With the energy and enterprise of her race, she has decided to follow her lover beyond the seas. After a long and weary voyage, the little Japanese maiden arrives in Europe. Having carefully rehearsed her part beforehand, the winsome Yum Yum finds little difficulty in finding her way to her lover, who is, by this time desperately ill. At first Mordaunt does not recognize Yum Yum, on account of her European dress, which becomes her so well, but when she again dons the kimono and flaunts again her dainty fan, the lieutenant recognizes her, and all their troubles are forgotten. 〞Moving Picture World synopsis
    • Genres
      • Short
      • Drama
    • Parents guide


    • Release date
      • December 22, 1911 (United States)
    • Country of origin
      • France
    • Language
      • None
    • Production company
      • Lux Compagnie Cin谷matographique de France

    Technical specs

    • Color
      • Black and White
    • Sound mix
      • Silent
    • Aspect ratio
      • 1.33 : 1

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