A Tiny Audience (TV Series 2019 – )

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A Tiny Audience (2019)

  • Stars
    • Maria Ayerbe Barona
    • Lauren Jauregui
    • Sarah Packiam
  • Storyline

    A Tiny Audience is a music/talk-show recorded live in front of a "tiny audience" of dedicated fans in a very intimate setting. Musicians of all ages and genres perform completely organic, reaching the broadest possible audience. Musical artists get to speak about themselves, their songwriting, and their music. They get to show that they are real musicians, who can really perform their music without auto tune, tracks or choreography. The artists perform without rehearsal and go straight to the edge of their comfort zone. Most of the musicians have never performed this intimately in front of an audience they can look in the eyes, which is both intimidating and exhilarating. They are interviewed by hosts who are musicians themselves. The audience of fans, friends and family, management, and record labels gets closer to the artists, and the artists become more real than ever before. The result is a unique interaction between the musicians, hosts, and audience.

    In each episode, the artists reveal things not know about them and their music. The shows open with a confession – something the audience will not know or believe about the artist. They then perform 3 songs: their biggest hit, the song they feel is their most important one, and a never-before performed acoustic version of a new song, a duet, or the cover they have always wanted to perform. Between songs, the artists discuss their creative process, important events in their lives, experiences, and their musical passion, and the audience (both present and at home) sees them like never before.

    non fiction
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    • Genres
      • Music
      • Talk-Show
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    • Release date
      • December 5, 2019 (United States)
    • Country of origin
      • United States
    • Official sites
      • Official Facebook
      • Official Instagram
    • Languages
      • English
      • Spanish
    • Production company
      • February Entertainment

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