Acapulco Bay (TV Series 1995 – )

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Ash Adams, Raquel Gardner, and Tony Newman in Acapulco Bay (1995)

  • Stars
    • Jaime Aymerich
    • Maree Cheatham
    • Raquel Gardner
  • Storyline

    Greedy and power hungry Max Hauser (Ash Adams) assumes his step brother's identity and tricks his unsuspecting girlfriend Rachel Swanson(Raquel Gardner) to a civil marriage, in the hope that after Tony's death, he will inherit his vast wealth through Rachel, who the family assumed is Tony's widow. Rachel however refused to go with the plan and Max blackmails her to keep posing as Tony's wife. But things become very complicated for Max. His step brother Tony Stockdail (Anthony Newman) was the only survivor of the helicopter crash Max and his accomplice orchestrated and is puzzled on getting home to find a woman claiming to be his wife. Rachel eventually tells Tony the truth and they fall in love. From then on, Max's mission is to make Tony and Rachel's lives a living hell. 〞Amina Adams
    • Genres
      • Romance
      • Drama
    • Parents guide


    • Release date
      • 1995 (Mexico)
    • Countries of origin
      • Mexico
      • United States
    • Also known as
      • Acapulco-?b?l
    • Filming locations
      • Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico

    Technical specs

    • Runtime
      30 minutes

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