Ancient Black Ops (TV Series 2014)

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Ancient Black Ops (2014)

  • Stars
    • Sami Karim
    • Murtaza Arif
    • Kumud Pant
  • Storyline

    It's time to re-enter the dangerous and secretive world of elite covert special ops forces in this brand new and UK exclusive second series of Black Ops.Black Ops reveals the highly-trained units that are designed to carry out high-risk military operations to terminate the world's most wanted men, eliminate terrorists, and ultimately protect innocent people's lives.These operations are hazardous and when they go wrong result it can result in mass casualties and profound political consequences.In this second series there's a whole new batch of stories from the front line of the secret wars where the operations are fought behind enemy lines and the stakes are high.
    • Genres
      • Action
      • Drama
      • History
    • Parents guide


    • Release date
      • November 7, 2014 (United Kingdom)
    • Country of origin
      • United Kingdom
    • Official sites
      • Ancient Black Ops
      • Ancient Black Ops
    • Language
      • English
    • Also known as
      • Black Ops de la Antig邦edad
    • Production company
      • World Media Rights Productions

    Technical specs

    • Color
      • Color
    • Sound mix
      • Stereo
    • Aspect ratio
      • 16:9 HD

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