Bat sin fan dimㄩ Yan yuk cha siu bau (1993)

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Anthony Chau-Sang Wong in Bat sin fan dim: Yan yuk cha siu bau (1993)

  • Directors
    • Danny Lee
    • Herman Yau
  • Writers
    • Wing-Kin Lau
    • Kam-Fai Law
  • Stars
    • Anthony Chau-Sang Wong
    • Danny Lee
    • Emily Kwan
  • Storyline

    In 1978 in Hong Kong, a grisly murder takes place. Eight years later, on a Macao beach, kids discover the severed hands of a fresh victim. A squadron of coarse, happy-go-lucky cops investigate, and suspicion falls on Wong Chi Hang, the new owner of Eight Immortals Restaurant, which serves delicious pork bao. The hands belong to the missing mother of the restaurant's former owner; he and his family have disappeared; staff at the restaurant continue to go missing; and, Wong can't produce a signed bill of sale: but there's no evidence. The police arrest Wong and try to torture him into a confession. Can they make him talk? And what was in those pork bao? 〞<>
    prisoncannibalismrestaurantpolicemurder119 more
    • Genres
      • Comedy
      • Crime
      • Drama
      • Horror
      • Thriller
    • Certificate
      • Unrated
    • Parents guide


    • Release date
      • May 13, 1993 (Hong Kong)
    • Country of origin
      • Hong Kong
    • Languages
      • English
      • Cantonese
    • Also known as
      • The Eight Immortals Restaurant: The Untold Story
    • Filming locations
      • Hong Kong, China
    • Production companies
      • Golden Harvest Company
      • Heroes United Films Ltd.

    Technical specs

    • Runtime
      1 hour 36 minutes
    • Color
      • Color
    • Sound mix
      • Mono
    • Aspect ratio
      • 1.85 : 1

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