Best Sports Ever! (TV Series 2014 – 2016)

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Garth Wynne-Jones in Best Sports Ever! (2014)

  • Stars
    • Serena Lorien
    • Garth Wynne-Jones
    • Martial Le Minoux
  • Storyline

    There are so many sports out there. Volleyball, basketball, baseball, rugby – and young amateur sports journalist Theo's learning about every one of them. Children who view this programme will discover a new sport in each episode, including some of the lesser known sports, such as jorkyball (an indoor version of soccer). If you follow along with Theo, the fun will be endless. Packed with educational value and comic episodes, don't forget to tune in to over 80 episodes of Theo.
    educationaltracksuitmale protagonistcomputer animationinterviewer4 more
    • Taglines
      • Sports is awesome!
    • Genres
      • Animation
      • Short
      • Comedy
      • Family
      • Sport
    • Certificate
      • TV-Y7
    • Parents guide


    • Release date
      • September 1, 2014 (France)
    • Countries of origin
      • France
      • United Kingdom
    • Official sites
      • EnhanceTV (Australia)
      • Knowledge Kids (Canada Only)
    • Languages
      • French
      • English
    • Also known as
      • Bande de Sportifs
    • Filming locations
      • France
    • Production companies
      • Centre national du cin谷ma et de l'image anim谷e (CNC)
      • Supamonks Studio

    Technical specs

    • Runtime
      2 minutes
    • Color
      • Color

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